2017 Make a Difference Day

To the editor:

On Oct. 28, the city of Houghton Beautification Committee had over 100 volunteers from MTU student and the Houghton community work in the freezing rain and snow to plant more bulbs and prepare the now 60 volunteer gardens for winter.

A huge thank you again to Johnathan Davey, MTU Coordinator of Student Affairs for joining us again on our third year. Along with Jonathan were 91 student volunteers from various organizations that were just exceptional with their attitudes and aptitudes to accomplish the tasks despite the obstacles of the poor weather.

It was also great to have Devin Leonarduzzi from the Keweenaw Young Professionals, and Tara Arens from the Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce join our event and make it even better.

Thanks to the team leaders James and Elizabeth Desrochers at Kestner Park, Eric Waara at the Waterfront Walk Gardens, Devin Leonarduzzi at the Powerhouse Gardens, Betty MacInnes for leading the projects in Miners Statue Area as well as the huge task of directing sending all the volunteers and group leaders to their locations, Mary Orvist at the Bridgeview Garden, Sarah Eles along the Library Gardens, Elise Nelson at the Carnegie Area, Allison Waara the Downtown Gardens, Brianna Tucker at Bridge Street Gardens and Angela Hoffman at The Water Tower Gardens.

Thanks also to the community members from Keweenaw Young Professionals and Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce Mary Meyers, Joseph Cooper, William Keith, Hailey Hart, Vienna Chapin and Whitney Warstler.

Springtime will be even more beautiful because of you all!