GOP failing our democracy

To the editor:

How many of you voted to keep a GOP majority in Congress in 2016? What expectations did you have, when indeed, that majority was sustained in both Houses?

Most Republicans expected a repeal of Obamacare–this, after Congress voted numerous times for repeal over a seven year span during Obama’s tenure. For GOP hopefuls a swift repeal would occur soon after Trump took office.

Did repeal transpire? Ah, but nay, only fractious disagreement occurred amongst embattled factions of GOP establishment types, Rinos and a few straight-laced sorts opting for nothing less than a total repeal. Failure was the end result.

Now it’s tax reform. Don’t hold your breath, amigos, as it appears these disparate GOP chumps will once again fail. Thus far everything’s vague: some want tax breaks only for the middle class; others additionally want a reduction of the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent. Senator Johnson (R, Wisconsin) in essence claims that such a reduction would not significantly improve the economy. What? This man needs counseling or maybe he’s just out to placate those big labor unions in Wisconsin.

As panacea for multiple ills, the Dems promise more socialism and get it in big chunks while the GOP offers up a potpourri of promises they invariably fail to implement. “Read my lips, no new taxes,” Bush Sr. trumpeted during his elected term. Then he went along with new taxes and got bounced out of office by Clinton. Junior promised privatization of retirement plans to be implemented by small, gradual transfers of personal Social Security liabilities. “I’ve got capital” he piped shortly after being elected for his second term, with the GOP holding comfortable leads in both the House and the Senate. What happened? Nothing, except a big takeover of both houses of Congress by the Dems in 2006.

For too long the GOP establishment has assumed a base supportive of their anemic actions. I don’t think they understand who their base really is. These wimps totally underestimate the Trump factor and act as though the primaries are still ongoing with Trump running at 35 percent. Trump is a fighter but he needs Congress to get things done. Can the GOP any longer be trusted?

Look for an exodus of registered Republicans switching to Independent. It’s already happening for those not dead to the world. The taxpayers, the sustainers, can no longer be ignored.