Liberals practice compassion

To the editor:

A recent letter in the Wall Street Journal by a conservative explained that liberalism is a failed system for the following reasons: liberals believe that welfare cures poverty, that capitalism is a corrupt economic system, that conservatives are born racists, that no limits be placed on abortions, that all unions are good, and that human influenced global warming is a critical problem.

Yet somehow liberalism has not failed in France, England, Italy, or the rest of Europe. Finland constantly comes out on or near the top in education and people in the European countries are healthier, tend to be happier, and live longer than Americans according to the latest polls there.

Liberals don’t believe that welfare cures poverty, but they try to follow the Christian concept of helping the poor and weak.

Capitalism, in and of itself, is not oppressive; however, laissez-faire or unfettered capitalism can become quite oppressive; the social democracies in Europe have limited free enterprise and are much more egalitarian.

People are not born to be racists or homophobes. Prejudice has little to do with the color of the skin and more to do with how you were “carefully taught” by parents, peers, acquaintances, teachers, and others

Abortion is a difficult decision anytime and can be based on many situations: the non-viability of the fetus, a dead fetus poisoning the mother’s blood, or rape, among other factors. Historically, men have objected to women having control over reproduction. Generally this has been religiously based on a patriarchal faith that has subjected women to an inferior status.

It is true that Unions have had problems at times, but in general, Unions have helped workers for decades in supporting higher wages, health benefits, work hours, and the elimination of child labor.

Global warming is a fact and we are in a small climate change that in all probability will become much longer without immediate action by all the countries in the world. The effect of carbon emissions is beyond dispute and validated by the vast majority of the world’s climatologists.

It’s time to reject the view of right wing conservatives who believe in tax cuts for the rich and trickle down economics for everyone else. In general, follow the money. Rather than an excessively competitive, dog eat dog, economic system that favors the wealthy, the goal should be a more compassionate society that works for the flourishing of all.