Options to solve jail problem

To the editor:

The proper use of taxpayer money is a good thing? Jail security and the well-being of the citizens is a good thing!

The city of Houghton is offering to help Houghton County figure out a solution to its jail issue (Gazette, Oct 26).


1.  Add on to the County jail in a congested area is not wise, in a few years you are over-crowded and repeat problem.

2.  Build a new structure behind WalMart in Houghton,  spending a lot of taxpayer money.

3.  Camp Kitwin, a taxpayer asset, in a great location and could be remodeled at half the cost.  140 Cells and no congestion.

When that engineer makes an expensive design to meet the criteria of Houghton County and the Contractor gives a price—-then go to Camp Kitwin and do the same. Or, at least, give us the educated explanation of why not!