Road safety during dark season

To the editor:

As the days quickly get shorter, we’d like to remind everyone to stay aware of others who may be using the road with you while on your way to work, school, or fun. Vehicle accidents with adults and children who are walking or biking tend to increase around this time of year. There are things that we can all do to prevent any injuries in our community.

When walking, running, or bike riding: the most important thing you can do is to be visible! Even if you plan to travel mainly on a sidewalk or path, being visible can help prevent collisions with ATV’s or other non-motorized users, like bikers and dog-walkers. Reflective clothing and lights (a headlight, taillight, flashing armband, lighted dog collar, etc.) can help you be seen.

Take extra care when crossing roadways in darkness or low light. If possible, make eye contact with drivers who are stopped to make sure they see you before crossing.

When driving: pay attention to everyone who might be on the road, including walkers and bikers. Avoid any distractions so that you have time to notice people who may be traveling on the shoulder or crossing at intersections.

If you need to pass a non-motorized traveler, please be patient and wait until it is safe to do so – many people are more comfortable if drivers give them a wide berth.

Please go to for more tips on staying safe in all seasons.

Thank you for helping to make sure that everyone feels safe traveling in the Keweenaw.

Kristen Schmitt