Uberwealthy get most in tax cuts

To the editor:

Did you know the three wealthiest people in our country — Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet — are wealthier than the bottom half of the population? The tax bill being proposed gives the wealthiest people and corporations huge tax cuts further increasing wealth inequality. Do you think this is fair and benefits most people?

How about this. After five years, all of the benefits for average people go away, but the benefits for corporations and the wealthy stay. I can hardly believe our legislators would be that obvious about who they are writing these tax cuts for.

I would like to see President Trump’s tax returns and how this tax bill would benefit him. We do know that he and his heirs would receive a huge tax cut. Currently there is no estate tax on estates worth up to $11 million per couple. The tax bill being proposed would get rid of all inheritance tax. Trump’s heirs and those of the super wealth would inherit billions of dollars creating a wealthy dynasty class in this country. Just what we don’t need — a permanent wealthy class.

The Copper Country is economically depressed, with many people living in poverty. How is this tax plan going to benefit them in the long run? How is it going to benefit the middle class in the long run? I do not believe that it will.

Do you think it would be great to have a simplified tax code that gave real and permanent tax relief to the majority of people? I would like to see that happen. This tax cut does not do that. It is a huge tax cut for the wealthiest 1 percent sugar-coated with small temporary tax relief for regular people.

Our representatives do respond to an outcry of opinion. Rep. Jack Bergman voted for the House bill once. Contact him at 273-2227 and let him know you oppose his vote and urge him to vote against this bill if it comes to a vote again.