A gift the entire world needs

To the editor:

Jesus is the only gift the world can’t live without! Jesus, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas was born with the purpose of later dying on the cross. This was the ultimate love gift: taking the penalty for our sins (for we are all sinners from birth), the Sinless One died in our place!

The poorest of the poor can receive the most expensive gift. You too can receive this greatest of gifts! First we have to admit how poor we really are without Him. It’s so simple that most people miss it. Some even throw it away!

Admitting (repentance) is simply a change of mind — a change of the entire purpose of action, change in the entire attitude of the will. A penitent person turns from all known sin and sets himself against it in real honest earnestness.

Man will never find God through study — the working of his own mind or the minds of others. What a man is, or does, has nothing to do with his salvation. It is not about religion. It’s about a relationship. Conversion is turning from one power source to another. It is moving from a lesser power to a greater power… a turning away from self and toward God.

I acknowledge what He has done for me, repent and turn away from my sin and joyfully accept His gift of forgiveness and new life, desiring to worship and serve Him and look forward to living with Him in Glory one day. His gift comes with that promise.

Christmas is so special!

Jesus is the ultimate gift!

Receive it today!