Fair, balanced local news source

To the editor:

I write to thank the Daily Mining Gazette for its vital role in this community, specifically for accurately publishing letters to the editor.

Several years ago I contacted a Daily Mining Gazette letter-writer whose opinions are very different from mine, and she responded by treating me to a nice lunch. I think we were both surprised to find that, even though we couldn’t agree on any topic, we enjoyed each other’s company very much.

We have continued our conversation via email, and, after more than five years, we have seen eye-to-eye on only about a dozen topics (I have kept a list.) We both call ourselves patriotic Americans and Christians, although we dislike each other’s definitions of those labels.

The Daily Mining Gazette is the only source of news that we have in common, and we trust it to be fair and balanced. We agree that our system of government requires an informed electorate, and we do our best to fact-check what we learn from other sources, which are sometimes so different that it seems we are not on the same planet. Truth is important to both of us, and while we wait for it to surface, we often conclude, “Time will tell.”

Many people choose not to discuss politics, especially if they assume it might lead to an argument. This is really sad, because a vibrant democracy depends on our ability to listen to each other. Our differences can help us understand those whose opinions are different from ours, as long as we keep our conversations civil.

Maintaining a friendship with my political pen pal has been challenging at times, but when feelings have run high, we have shared a piece of music or humor or a recipe to restore our goodwill towards each other. We both enjoy the daily Sudoku puzzle, and we have never argued about the weather forecast.

We are fortunate to have the Daily Mining Gazette, and we encourage others to subscribe, purchase advertisements, become informed about local news and events, and engage with people whose ideas are different from yours. You might make a friend.