GOP tax plan not tax reform

To the editor:

We need tax reform. Filing taxes is complicated. With so many deductions and loopholes, some people unfairly avoid paying anything. Our congressional representatives promised tax reform, and we elected them based on that promise. So, why aren’t they reforming the tax code to fix the problems?

Our own congressional representative, Jack Bergman, campaigned on stopping out-of-control Washington spending. I support that idea, but Rep. Bergman reneged on his promise by supporting the GOP tax plan (HR-1). It is the height of out-of-control spending, swelling annual deficits and national debt to extraordinary levels, while stealing what we all paid into Social Security and Medicare.

No version of the GOP tax plan offers tax reform. Each is a poorly disguised tax break for the rich. Middle-income taxpayers would see taxes reduced about $660, but that disappears in five years, and in ten years, one in four of us would get a tax hike. This isn’t true for the top 1 percent, those earning nearly a million dollars or more get permanent tax cuts. When you and I get a tax hike, the top 1 percent would receive an average $234,050 tax cut.

As for reform, yes, GOP tax plans remove deductions and loopholes. They remove deductions that middle-income families rely on, such as personal and dependent exemptions and deductions for state and local taxes, mortgage and student loan interest, medical expenses, charitable giving, alimony, moving expenses and more. But, corporations and wealthy individuals keep their deductions. Additionally, the GOP tax plans create huge annual deficits, which Congress would try to reduce by robbing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

So, what does this mean in the Copper Country? The GOP tax plans disproportionately tax poor and middle-income families/individuals, small businesses, and retired seniors on Medicare and Social Security. That’s us, yoopers, people that Rep. Bergman represents. Didn’t Rep. Bergman say that he would control spending in Washington? Isn’t handing $8 billion to wealthy people the same as Washington recklessly spending $8 billion?

If you think that Rep. Bergman should rethink his support of the GOP tax plan, give him a call at 202-225-4735 and tell him that you voted for him to stop out-of-control Washington, and not for him to steal your hard-earned money and give it to the wealthy.