Haunted Houses a screaming hit

To the editor:

The Houghton County Historical Society would like to thank all of the people who worked so hard to make our annual Ghost Train and Haunted Houses a success.

The afternoon Haunted House and Ghost Train drew over 350 happy persons, families and groups.

The evening event was also a big success. There were screams and smiles on the Ghost Train ride and in the Haunted House.

We could not have done so much without the help of our many dedicated volunteers, Girl Scouts with Dr. Hafeman, Honor Society ghosts and ghouls with Mrs. Gerbig in the schoolhouse and the graveyard, a family effort from the Poiriers on the platform, the witches of Lake Linden/ Hubbell making their annual appearance, Historical Society members and, of course, The Train Guys.

We would especially like to mention:

Amanda Gouge, Rachel Walls, Michael Leer, Christina Berry, Michael Polkinghorn, Catherine Berry, Janet de Leon, Michael Berry, Linda Sanchez and her face painting;

Scarlet Berry, Gretchen Provost, Maryel Backstrom, Gerry Perreault, David Parker, David Rickard aka the Pizza Guy with his hot and delicious pizzas, Brian Keeny, Bill LaBelle;

Reino Narhi, Herb Leopold, Nancy Parker, Cathy Leopold, the family that decorates the Depot every year, Betty Welles and her dog, David Britz and his dog.

We hope that those who came enjoyed this experience as much as we did. We look forward to seeing everyone back next year.

A favorite moment this year, the couple on vacation from the big city looked at the 6-foot burly butler. She quavered “is he real?” to which the scaly monster behind her replied, “No, but I am.” That lady could scream.