Many helped with banquet

To the editor:

As the director of the Life Outreach Center, I wish to thank all that were in attendance at our banquet held at the Siskiwit Reception Hall on Oct. 24. This banquet could not have happened without the help of several people. I would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to the following:

Joel Keranen for the use of the Siskiwit Reception Hall; underwriters for financing the banquet; table hosts for inviting all of your guests; Marc Norton for printing our invitations; Corey LaBissoniere, giving his video testimony; Eric Byykkonen, giving his adoption testimony, Father Corey Litzner, our keynote speaker and giving our closing prayer; Joan Polzien, performing live piano music; Laura Moore, for the beautiful table decorations; Tony Laidlaw, emcee for the night as well as opening in prayer; Mike Moore, giving the appeal; David and Barbara King and Sacred Heart Church of Calumet for the use of all the dishes and dish-washing machine; Maple Street Catering, for your delicious food and help with cleanup; and the board membersfor all of your endless help pulling this banquet together, especially Julie Carlton.

Last but not least, I wish to thank all in attendance that were able to donate to our cause and give pledges. We are so appreciative of your gift and your confidence in our ministry. Without all of you, our work with women and their families would not be possible. Without you, our doors would not be open at the Life Outreach Center. We know that God continues to guide us and we look forward to what He has in store for us as we work towards our “Vision For The Copper Country.”