Move to rewrite US Constitution

To the editor:

I was outraged and confused when I learned of Joseph O’Leary’s voter suppression resolution that he presented to the Baraga County Board at its regular meeting Oct. 10. I couldn’t make sense of it.

Why was this resolution presented to the Baraga County Board?

Why was it presented now?

Where did this single incident in Baraga County fit in?

Mr. O’Leary has the First Amendment right of free speech to express his opinions and beliefs. As an elected official, he has a platform to express and promote his views. He persuaded the board to approve his resolution, which reads, in part, “The Michigan state Legislature is hereby urged to make application for a Convention of States pursuant to Article V in order to adopt the following amendment to the United States Constitution. Section 1: Notwithstanding any previous article of this Constitution, no citizen shall be entitled to vote for a candidate seeking election to the House of Representatives unless said citizen shall have made a personal net contribution to the United States Treasury in the years since the previous election for the Representatives. Section 2: The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

At its Nov. 6 meeting, the board apologized for hastily approving the resolution and then voted to rescind it. I want to thank the board for its thoughtful reconsideration and recision of the resolution, and I accept its apology.

Mr. O’Leary’s resolution makes sense in the context of a nationwide initiative called Convention of States whose objective is the get two-thirds (34 states) of the state legislatures to vote in favor of calling for an Article V constitutional convention to amend the U.S. Constitution. Twenty-eight states have already voted to call for a constitutional convention. Only six more states are needed to achieve the two-thirds threshold.

There are no rules to prevent an entire rewrite of the Constitution, no rules about delegate selection, ratification process, scope of the convention agenda or whether delegates would be representative of the electorate. It could be a devastating runaway convention.

Convention of states is funded by billionaires including David Koch, who was the 1980 vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. The platform called for the repeal of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all funds for child-bearing built into present law and other disastrous ideas. Mr. O’Leary’s voter suppression resolution fits right into the Libertarian-Convention of States strategy.