MSP course fosters respect

To the editor:

Recently, my husband, Jim, and I completed a six-week course of training in the Michigan State Police Citizen’s Academy led by Trooper Matt Djerf.

We’ve always had a certain amount of respect for the police and were taught respect for the law. But, if we ever thought about them, we saw the police as downright upright, humorless kinds of guys. We wondered what type of person would go into that line of work. Taking this course has given us a whole new outlook, a whole new respect for them.

When you see the physical and mental training they endure, how strong and intelligent they are and how much knowledge they have, you can’t help but be impressed. We learned about their equipment, their knowledge of the law and how to present cases in court; their knowledge of medicine, helping mothers give birth, drug overdoses, seizures, medical emergencies.

We met some of their special forces, including the traffic accident specialists, canine unit, evidence specialists and drug enforcement officers. Many of them told incredible stories about things that happened in their work.

It’s difficult to express how our feelings about the police have changed; in how high an esteem we now hold these fine young men and women, and what new appreciation we have for their dedication to the safety and welfare of their community. They are to be greatly admired.

We wish everyone was able to take this course. It will be offered again next year. In the meantime, Djerf, our wonderful community service trooper, gives presentations in the schools and may be able to present to your group.