People here take care of their own

To the editor:

In reference to the DMG article of Dec. 4 “Local Panel of social experts talks about rethink of democracy” and DMG. article of Dec. 5 “Panel of social engineers suggest fixes for society’s ills.”

Wow, the intentional community panel members want to replace our local government with a democratic form of government. This suggested form of government must be some new form, I guess, of socialism? Governed by hierarchical authoritarian elites, namely intentional community panels, politbureaus, directors, juries and engineers, etc.

Well, I for one want nothing to do with it. Our current form of local government suits me just fine. Who would want these panels telling them how to use their private property? I suggest that all those who endorse this action migrate out west to a commune or go to Russia or Cuba or perhaps a Kibbutz in Israel and start growing food. This would help the needy, give them something to do to feel good about themselves and free up some money at the local university to be used for something productive.

As far as the local churches helping needy people, I don’t know of one that wouldn’t help someone who asks for help.

The families of the Copper Country know quite well how to take care of their own. The majority are well informed and don’t need any help from academia or other elites.

People who are upset about Mr. Trump being elected president should not forget that it was the Democratic party that destroyed a lot of the families in America with their Aid to Dependent Childrens Act under Democratic President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960’s, therefore making them wards of the state.

As far as crime is concerned the problem is that there is no consequence to speak of for the crime. Put the criminals on a leaky freighter in Keweenaw Bay and have them bail out the water with buckets. That would solve the problem of overcrowding in the local prison and eliminate the recidivism. Who would want to go back to that?

Statistical literacy had it all wrong in the last presidential election, why foist that gobbldy-goop on our students?

Thank God Hillary Clinton isn’t president of the United States.

Matt Kiilunen