See destruction they’ve wrought

To the editor:

The 80 percent of Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals that helped to vote into office the present president and administration fail to see the destruction they’ve wrought. Without their support the Republicans would not be in office today; the result is becoming a disaster for the country, a disaster in our international relations, and potentially catastrophic for our planet.

Unfortunately, today we have an administration that wants to take us back to a laissez-faire economic system with little or no regulation. They want to increase coal production along with a reduction of clean air technologies. They want to increase logging in our national parks and forests. They want to allow a Canadian company to mine for gold in Alaska with the resulting destruction of salmon rivers, a rich source of tens of millions of salmon.

Being somewhat anti-science, they have left the Paris Accords and consider climate change a fiction, despite all the evidence and considered opinion of most all climate scientists. They want to roll back restrictions on carbon emissions at the behest of the oil and coal industries. They have pulled the United States out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, thus allowing China to reap all the trade benefits in the Pacific.

Not realizing they themselves are illegal immigrants or descendants of illegal immigrants (talk to native Americans about that), they want to curtail the illegal immigrants who are fleeing wars, drug lords and poverty. They have forgotten the lesson of the Good Samaritan. They are trying to undo the Affordable Care Act, but can’t come up with a feasible alternative. A humane society would have Medicare for all and leave the greedy insurance companies to provide private health care for those that can afford it.

Predictably, they now have a tax plan to increase the wealth of the already wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Corporations will have their tax rate reduced from 35 percent to 20 percent with the claim, without any evidence that this will create more jobs. The list of their destructive and regressive policies go on and on.

Because of putatively false, and supposedly biblically based, views on abortion, same sex marriage, and homosexuality, Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals, by their voting record, have turned their backs on a just, loving, and nurturing society, and they fail to be good stewards of the planet. They should be ashamed of themselves and their vote.

David Keranen

Bakersfield, Calif.