Stand with Mich. families

To the editor:

If Jack Bergman’s priorities are with working Michigan families, he has a funny way of showing it. His recent vote for the House version of the GOP’s tax bill aims straight at states which have a state income tax — like Michigan — ending the deduction for state and local taxes, to help fund bigger tax cuts for corporations and rich families. Which is your family more likely to be paying: Michigan’s state income tax, or a tax on estates worth $5.5 million?

This isn’t the only middle class tax increase the GOP tax bill creates to help pay for reducing taxes on the rich. It’s just one that hits Michigan harder than other states.That’s something you’d think a Congressman would object to if he was interested in defending his constituents. In truth, his constituents are his donors, who have said to cut their taxes or they’ll stop buying if they don’t get their money’s worth(

Bear in mind, none of the tax increases in this bill have to be there. The GOP could just have settled for a slightly smaller cut –they have $1.5 trillion of room to play with in their budget resolution, and don’t need one Democratic vote to pass any bill where the cuts total less than that. But to make bigger cuts for the rich, they have to raise taxes on somebody else to keep the total under the line. So they increase taxes on a grab bag of folks less likely to vote Republican: people with student loan debt, on disability, or in states with income taxes. By 2027, an outright majority of households would be seeing their taxes go up — mostly households making less (

Rep. Bergman has one last chance to stand up for Michigan families. Call him at 202-225-4735 and tell him you don’t want your taxes increased to pay for tax cuts for the rich. If you want to try to stop this bill in the Senate, you can also call Sens. McCain, Collins and Murkowski, who are on the fence. A Senate vote could be called at any time now. Don’t worry about Michigan Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters: They’ve made clear they stand with Michigan families. And if Jack Bergman doesn’t listen to you this year, he can listen to us next November.