Stossel is writer of disinformation

To the editor:

I was going to write a factual, historical rebuttal to John Stossel’s article about the 100th anniversary of Communism in Russia, but I was blocked from his website from a previous rebuttal.

I reiterated that Trotsky (Bronstein) was the bag man for the 10 Rothschild banks in New York, who sent him with $9 million in 1908 to foment the revolution in Russia with his cohort Zionists, Lenin, Stalin, etc.

He had effectively eliminated important facts, but the general population takes his word as gospel, because they do not know otherwise.

Another writer, Harley Sachs, who I have been reading for years without disagreement, had an article in the paper about the Palestinian situation, without historical background, which made the article a slanted,biased propaganda article, just like John Stossel’s article.

I researched John Stossel on Wikopedia, whichI also question, but did find numerous articles dating back to 2000, with John giving “alternate facts” about organic food on 2020, as one example.

I have less conflict of interest over 50 years with Noam Chomsky, who wrote a factual book about Vietnam, when I came back from Vietnam in 1968! John appears to be a disinformationist.

Robert Maki