Economy hurts regular people

To the editor:

Trump has proved to the world that he’s a hateful immature insensitive fool. He has spread hate and bigotry over the internet. And has insulted many nations and people. And he has proved to the registered voters that he only cares about the rich, which includes himself and his money.

If he thinks that only the rich voted for him, he is wrong. Low- and middleclass workers from both political parties voted for him. Why? Because they thought that he would do a better job than Obama. He has also promised jobs. All they have received is a slap in the face. Now they will feel the crunch and be forced to feel more burdens from a new tax bill that only favors the wealthy.

Who made the big corporations what they are today? Who supports them by buying their products, working for them, by manufacturing and delivering their products and investing in their stocks? Not just the rich. Everyone. From all wage levels.

If the income tax for the rich is going to be cut to 21 percent, then everyone’s taxes should be lowered to 21 percent. Why is the deficit so very high? It has nothing to do with spending money on Medicaid or Medicare. I believe it’s from loaning money to other countries that never pay us back. From giving aid to US territories that have been damaged from floods and hurricanes and earthquakes. Why must the low- and middle-class workers of America carry the burden and feel the crunch from overspending?

Now President Trump wants to boot out the 800 ,000 children who immigrated here illegally. Why didn’t our government send them back to their homes when they first arrived in the USA? It’s because they saw a need. They offered sanctuary and stability to those children and provided shelter, food, clothing and education. They’re no longer strangers to this country. We are now their family. I say let them stay.

These young adults are now our future.

Sue Fowler