Everybody wins when corporations win

To the editor:

Democrats believe that corporations will keep the tax breaks for themselves and line their own pockets and their shareholders’ pockets and they will just get richer, thus their mantra of “tax cuts for the rich.”

What they don’t understand is that in order for corporations to get richer, they have to update their products, upgrade their facilities, develop technology, and hire more employees, from every sector of society, to handle additional work.

Yes, the corporations get bigger and better. That’s what we want! We want their products, their ideas, their ingenuity, their services. We want to reap the benefits of their advancements.

Let’s say our local taxi service gets to keep more of their own money. Maybe they buy a new building. A new taxi. More taxis. Better taxis. More taxi drivers. Better taxi drivers. Then somebody else sees their success and he starts up his own taxi service. More taxis and taxi drivers are needed. New competition equals lower rates for us. We not only get to sit in better cars with better drivers, we pay less doing it. This means less people on welfare and unemployment. This means less money from the government for entitlements. Every dollar the government loses on taxes, it gains on paying less entitlements. The corporations wins. We win. The government wins. EVERYBODY WINS.

The corporation makes a lot more money investing in itself than it does keeping the money outside the marketplace. If a business does not have money to invest in itself, it will cease to be an active participant in the marketplace. They lose, we lose, everybody loses.

Rachel Laurn