Grant for art long overdue

To the editor:

VSA’s grant for Copper Country Intermediate School District Learning Center Programs in art is wonderful, and it might be a nit to pick to argue it overdue. Yet in the purplish range of distance can savage and loom volcanoes enough to bury all good intentions under ash.

It is not just implication and whiff. CCISD has practically marinated in the assumption that being an artist is not a job in the community; the history and context of the grant bear this out. The assumption, unencumbered by evidence or reason, is widely indulged. It is supported by the weird rationale wherein events, already occurring or having happened, are inconceivable or impossible. (The cosmonaut has travelled in time, yet Dr. Brown’s peregrinations are mere fantasy. And don’t get me started on a world in which Baron Hunt had a career and a man can take his briefcase to an office where hodags are studied but making one’s living from a paintbrush is considered improbable.)

Incomprehensibility rules the day when the possibilities for those with disabilities are not considered even a subset of possibilities (however defined) for everyone. If we start with the nonsensical premise that artists are amateurs we necessarily condemn the artist with some disability to work outside the professional, when his creativity might or might not find further flourish in this area and with this support. When we circumscribe their art, like all art, as hobby we might end up missing out on something exceptional.