Misuse of power raises concern

To the editor:

I read the recent article concerning the resolution passed by the village of Calumet, with dismay. First of all, is it not their duty as elected officials to address concerns, changes in policy and laws that will affect the constituents they represent? Second, How dare they hide behind a resolution that prohibits free speech and the right to assemble? So as I read the article, some of them are upset that a business owner and taxpayer whom they refused to address in a public forum knocked on their door and wanted a discussion? Seriously? The fact no one was arrested proves there was no basis for the resolution.

The issue is that medical marijuana is legal, and could be a source of not only revenue for the village but a service to their constituents. There are bars which seem to me a greater public problem. Let’s look at Colorado and the money it has raised.

I am not a medical marijuana user, nor am I affiliated in any way to its production, or a dispensary employ. But the misuse of the council’s governmental power should concern us all.

Because they don’t want to accept responsibility for doing what they were elected to do, they create an offensive and unconstitutional resolution. Shame on them.

And shame on us if we re-elect them.