More comment on bugs, kids fishing

To the editor:

This is in response to the letter titled “Bugs get priority over kids fishing” by Gerald Lamppa.

In my last letter in November of last year I wrote: “There is a battle for the young minds in this world.”

All these iphones, ipads and Facebook filled with much trash and responsible for the breakup of many family units, with liberal colleges feeding young brains with secular garbage.

Then comes along a person like Gerald Lamppa who wants to introduce kids to the (real) natural world, fishing and maybe hunting, and guess what? He was told: “We can’t destroy the bugs.” I would have turned my hearing aid up and asked: “Say that again, I couldn’t have heard you say ‘bugs’ and ‘can’t destroy them’ in the same sentence.” That’s just plain nuts.

Kids running around having fun fishing and learning lessons of life from their family and nature may destroy bugs? Give me a break. But then this has nothing to do with bugs, does it?

I believe they teach a class in college that helps government people when they’re asked a simple question, and they don’t know the answer, or don’t want to tell the truth, or simply don’t want to deal with it — just say something stupid, or use talking points. This happens all the time on cable news talk shows.

Note to Mr. Lamppa: check with Allouez Township. It is developing Senaca Lake. It might welcome your input.