Profound impact of online school

To the editor:

I support National School Choice Week Jan. 21-27, as enrolling in online school three years ago has had a profound impact on my life.

Before I enrolled at Michigan Virtual Charter Academy (MVCA), I didn’t feel academically challenged as a student or comfortable in a traditional brick-and-mortar public school setting. It felt as though there were certain expectations for girls that simply didn’t suit me.

I wanted to focus on learning and growing in an environment that encouraged me as an individual. Not only has MVCA allowed me to be myself, the rigorous personalized learning curriculum empowers me to learn at my own pace, while becoming an engaged citizen of the world.

I’m proud to have launched the Houghton chapter of Girl Up, an international organization working in support of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal of providing a quality education for all. We raise funds and awareness for girls in developing countries who are not guaranteed the education options we have in the United States. We’re helping others while building career skills here at home.

Knowing that my work is having a positive impact on my community and the world, while furthering my education, is a remarkable feeling. Without school choice and MVCA, this never would have been possible.