Therapy with no scientific basis

To the editor:

According to your article, in the 2016-17 school year, there were 6,225 student appointments for emotional help, with 883 being “unique clients.” This is more than the previous two years.

I do not know what “unique clients” means, but my understanding is that many of the mental health “helpers” believe in recovered memory therapy,  a therapy that has been thoroughly discredited my responsible members of the mental health profession. Many of these “helpers” may be telling thestudents that they have all the symptoms of being sexually abused, whether remembered or not. There are no such symptoms.

I call your attention to the 2016 Michigan Supreme Count decision regarding the lawsuit filed by Joan and Lale Roberts against their daughter’s therapist. I believe her last name was Salmi. The Michigan Supreme Court stated that because of the kind of therapy used, an innocent third party could be grievously harmed and therefore had the right to sue.  Previous to this, third parties had no right to sue even if they had been grievously harmed.

This unscientific, insidious “therapy” has been around for more than thirty years with no end in sight. It would be nice if your paper and Michigan Tech would take a good look at just who is trying to help, what they believe, and what they tell the emotionally fraught student(s).

Joann E. Dayton

Northville, Michigan