Universe defies evolution fantasy

To the editor:

Gen 1:14-16 states the Earth, moon and stars appeared on Day 4 of creation.

Scientists are constantly probing deeper into outer space. Evolutionists expected to find ‘immature’ distant galaxies thus validating the Big Bang fantasy. Instead, in 2004 astronomers discovered 300 distant yet mature galaxies that shouldn’t be there, but they are.

According to the magazine Nature, even the best models can’t fully explain galaxy evolution. Scientists call this conundrum TMIUPIMA (the most important unsolved problem in modern astrophysics). The universe defies evolutionary fantasy just by existing!

Our Milky Way galaxy containing 200 billion stars is one of at least 100 to 200 billion galaxies. How could they form naturally?

The unreasonable idea is: clouds of gas form stars and stars are needed to make more stars by exploding. But naturalistic formation of stars is not understood at a fundamental level. A major feature of the universe — stars — cannot be explained.

Stars are hot balls of gas and vary greatly in size, brightness and composition. Yet our sun is rare — consistent and dependable in radiative output.

Our sun is in just the right orbit and location in our galaxy to allow life, enabling us to do astronomy. The Bible tells us the sun was created for signs and seasons, to sustain life and to declare God’s glory. In fact God created the Earth for us to live here. It has purpose!

Most stars and all planets discovered so far are unsuitable to support life. Devastating super flares erupt frequently on other stars.

Our sun is brighter than 85 percent of other stars and also has more mass than 90 percent of them. Our sun’s light spectrum enables efficient photosynthesis, an incredibly complex and designed process. No photosynthesis, no plant life, no free oxygen, no animal life, no life.  

Even though for man the stars are uncountable, the Bible says in Psalm 147:4 “He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.” The biblical account explains the world in which we live.

Would God destroy the universe? He destroyed our world with Noah’s flood. Romans 8 tells us “the whole creation groaneth….” That means the divine curse extends through the entire created cosmos, not just Earth. Isaiah 55:6-7 says “Seek ye the Lord …Let the wicked forsake his way (repent)…” for God will abundantly pardon. We sinners need a savior. There’s only one.

Source: “What you aren’t being told about astronomy” DVD, Vol 2