Volunteers for spay/neutering

To the editor:

The volunteers of the Keweenaw Spay/Neuter Assistance Group would like to thank everyone who donated items to our garage sales this past summer. We had a great season that would not have been possible without items to sell!

Thank you to all of our customers as well, without them there would be no sale and no earnings to help the animals.

Thank you to all who save Econo Food receipts for us, and to all who save metal and pop cans.

Thank you Dave Gottfried for keeping our yard mowed all summer.

Thank you Gordon Wetelainen for keeping our driveway plowed all winter.

Thank you to all the businesses who allow us to have canisters in their establishments and to those who sponsor our Daily Mining Gazette ads.

It is the combined effort of so many residents and businesses that has made it possible for K-SNAG to provide spay/neuter financial assistance to over 2,500 pet owners and to rescue almost one thousand animals! We are truly grateful and offer our heartfelt thanks to you all.