Closing will be loss to many

To the editor:

Today I’m writing this letter for our community and friends. Soon Morty’s Gas Station will be closing. I would like to express what huge loss this will be to so many in our area, not just to me but to so many others.

We are not only losing the station but the owners who helped so many of us when we were struggling and it saddens me I can’t help them in this time of struggle.

Jamie Plowe put so much into that store and most of all wore her heart on her sleeve for anyone having a hard time. I call her my earth angel. I don’t know what I would have done in my time of struggles had I never met Jamie Plowe at the counter, smiling, making sure everything was OK with me or my kids. I know she has done just the same for many more who come into her store.

I have a strong belief in faith and hope and believe the good Lord above can do all that is asked, so please take a minute tonight to say a prayer for Jamie and Jim please, I know God can do miracles I truly believe that. This store is Jamie’s life. It’s what she loves — she loves her customers, cares for them.

I wrote to Ellen Degeneres twice because, well let’s face it, we all struggle around here. And even though Jamie and Jim were struggling in silence, there they were, arms out and hearts on their sleeves.

This deeply saddens all of us, if they lose it, it will never be the same. People are even saying they won’t go back in that store again if there’s new owners.

Understand, it’s not just the store we are losing, it’s the people who ran it who made us feel like someone cares, someone worries and someone who never made you feel judged or uncomfortable.

We need prayers, people … a miracle.