Court case not worthy to print

To the editor:

I wish to address an article which appeared in the Jan. 24, 2018, DMG. First, I have been a resident of BKGSH. I do not condone abuse of any kind be it mental, verbal or physical.

I am concerned with your policy on court proceedings. Why would you print a story about a case that there was no guilty judgment found, that the record would be expunged? How many other “deferred” cases have you written about in the past 60 years? I use 60 years because there were many that were given the choice of enlisting in the armed forces or going to jail during the Vietnam era. I considered if your story had made you concerned about libel or slander charges.

The extra large print used in the title — Holy cow! You would think there was a dead body found or a bomb going off somewhere.

It’s sad that you haven’t enough newsworthy stories to fill your paper. I believe it just wasn’t worthy of print, like some in the National Inquirer.

To use the DMG to degrade someone, Mr. Scott and Mr. Peterson, shame on you.