Domestic violence sentence is news

To the editor:

I would like to address the letter to the editor that appeared in the Mining Gazette on Feb. 12 with the headline “Court case not worthy to print.” First of all the individual involved pleaded no contest, which is not a not-guilty plea. The individual was fined $1,075 and sentenced to 12-24 months probation. If he can stay out of trouble for that period of time, his charges will be expunged from his record.

A deferred judgment does not mean dismissed. I strongly disagree with the fact this person writing the letter did not find this information newsworthy and complained about the bold headline. This person should be more appalled at the charge itself, then the headline it received in a news article.

This individual is a elected official, which makes it newsworthy. Another thing in the letter to the editor that upset me is the quote “You would think there was a dead body found or a bomb going off somewhere.” Domestic violence is a violent crime. Remember, as a Village Council member, you are suppose to be above reproach, and a charge of domestic violence does not make you above reproach. Mr. Scott and Mr. Peterson, in my option you did not degrade anyone by publishing this information, the individual himself is to blame for his newsworthy negative behavior.