Family-Friendly Finnish Fun

To the editor:

It’s been two weeks since Heikinpaiva 2018 came to a close,, but it seems like only yesterday that the fun got under way. We had a month’s worth of family-friendly Finnish fun here in the Copper Country, and much like previous years we couldn’t have done it without community support.

And did we ever have the community support! From the opening credits of the film we showed on January 11, through the concluding remarks from our Sami Day speaker on February 6, and for all the events in between, we were amazed by not only the number of folks who came out to enjoy what we had to offer, but also by the enthusiasm they brought with them to each event.

Nowhere was this more evident that on the “big” festival day of January 27, when hundreds – if not thousands – of people lined Quincy Street to watch the hundreds of people who were in the parade; dozens more watched or took part in the outdoor activities on Quincy Green; throngs of people enjoyed the tori inside the Finnish American Heritage Center; hundreds more watched our 70-or-so “brave” friends and neighbors take the Polar Bear Dive, which is now sponsored by our good friends at Phi Kappa Tau fraternity; and dozens more wrapped up the evening at our festival dance.

There’s a widely-used saying that it takes a village to raise a child. It could also be said that it takes an entire community to host a festival. This proved absolutely true with Heikinpaiva 2018. It would be impossible in the space provided here to properly acknowledge every person, business and organization who stepped up and did what they could to make this year’s festival a success, so please know that whether you helped in the forefront of the events, or behind the scenes, your efforts did not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.

We are grateful to be able to host our signature event in a community that is widely accepting and supportive of what we do, and we are already eager to celebrate with you again in January 2019.