Gun law reform is overdue

To the editor:

The latest mass school shooting in Florida is yet another overdue reminder that it is time for common sense reform with guns and schools. On the gun side, the answer is simple. Assault rifles should be banned as should ammo clips that hold over 15 bullets. Anything more is not needed for hunting or defense of person or home. And, as a number of military veterans have been pointing out, assault style weapons and components are designed for one purpose — to kill en masse efficiently. On the school side, limiting student-teacher ratios to 15 to 1 in each classroom ensures that young people are connected to each other and caring adults. As a high school teacher, I currently have four classes that max out at 15 and two that max out at 25. The difference is night and day. In the smaller, the students proactively participate, know and respect each other much more, and are simply happier human beings. This makes the chance for alienation much smaller, a key reason why too many rogue classmates have opened fire on their peers. Eliminate assault rifles and embrace the number 15 — for clips and classrooms.

Ross Freshwater

Eagle Harbor