Land companies support ATV club

To the editor:

The Keweenaw ATV Club would like to thank both GMO and AFM for their continued support and excellent cooperation in extending every effort to obtaining, keeping, and managing our recreational trail system up and running in Houghton-Keweenaw Counties and beyond.

It is through the generosity and trust of private land owners, land trusts, and corporate entities that we have been granted the permission and privilege of crossing their property. Without AFM efforts we would not have the trail system that we enjoy today. Despite all of our combined efforts the privileges of trail use may be revoked at any time. We continue to,encourage riders to please stay on designated signed trails, stay off closed roads/trails, keep out of active logging areas, no motorcycles are allowed and respect private property.

As efforts to develop and maintain our trail system move on, we look forward to working with GMO Renewable Resources, LLC through AFM and all team members.

Membership is open to anyone who wants to appreciate the beauty of the Keweenaw Peninsula! Contact us today!