Nation needs to refer to manual

To the editor:

Are we living by the manual today? Everything we have today has a manual for it, whether it be a car, appliance, TV or computer.

As a nation that was founded on Christian morals and principles, we need to start reading the manual for our lives called the Bible. A couple of books in the Old Testament to read as I see where we are today.

First is Leviticus 26, verses 14-25. In my NIV Bible is titled “Punishment For Disobedience.”

Now go to Deuteronomy Chapter 28, verses 15-20 and 34, which are titled “Curses For Disobedience.” Do you think we are seeing curses and punishment being put upon us today? One of the curses I see being put upon us today is the law that was put there under Planned Parenthood to kill God’s most precious gift “life.” That number is now over 61 million.

Do you think what we are seeing today “the killing and shooting” of our children in schools today could be a message from the Lord? Everything that represents the “Lord God almighty and his son Jesus Christ” has been kicked out of our public schools today and now Satan has entered in.

Our God uses our sins’ consequences to draw us back to him in repentance of our sins and not to get back at us. The manual “Bible” gives us the one and only answer to our problems today. Repent of our evil, wicked ways and “I the Lord God Almighty” will forgive your sins and heal your hand.