Ridiculously liberal gun laws

To the editor:

It is time we as citizens change our gun laws. March For Our Lives on March 24. 

This conversation says it all about America’s bizarre gun laws and our nation’s priorities:

A 19-year-old disturbed young man walks into a big-box store.

Young man: “I’d like a bottle of OxyContin.”

Clerk: “Sorry, you need a prescription to buy OxyContin.”

Young man: “OK, then give me a six-pack of Bud.”

Clerk: “Do you have ID? You have to be 21 to buy alcoholic beverages.”

Young man: “Well, then, I’ll take an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, a bump stock, 10 oversized ammunition clips and armor piercing bullets.”

Clerk: “Very good, sir. Will that be cash or charge?”