Shooting shows heart problem

To the editor:

Here we go again: meaning another school shooting in America. It’s like watching the same old violent movie over and over again on cable TV news. The media always gets the numbers wrong in the first dozen “News Alerts,” then they try to be the first to give us the worst possible pictures, sometimes really graphic.

The part I don’t like is when a reporter shoves a microphone with their logo on it in the face of those kids that are already in shock. It’s not good reporting to dramatize evil.

Having said that, the response of most mayors, governors and other government officials is: “We want to make sure this never happens again,” or “We’ll do everything in our power to see this kind of thing never ever happens again.”

What a joke. Nothing ever changes, so why lie about it? Words don’t fix anything. They’re cheap — do something. For them to say something like that is a slap in the face to those who died and are injured in the shooting. My advice to these leaders is to give your condolences, then shut up.

What can we do to fix this problem? We need to go to the root of the problem to change it. No it’s not guns, mental illness or anything else we can detect with our five senses.

America has a heart problem — not that blood pump in the middle of our chest but the spirit within every human being. Our God-given spirit is now morally corrupted in many individuals: government, religions, media and corporations because of hardening of the heart toward God, self-centeredness, pride and greed. The devil has done his evil deed by breaking down and dividing our God-given institution of marriage and the family unit.

Till we return to God, our roots will rot away like so many other cultures, and we will destroy our self from within. We don’t have to fear North Korea, Iran or Russia. It’s our moral decay that is the problem and will destroy our lives like a slow-eating cancer.

We can fix this problem by turning from our rebellious attitude toward God and being nice to one another. Love God, accept Jesus as lord, love others as you love yourself, and America will be great again. Trust me, it’s that simple.

Jack Sprietzer