Trump realistic, not racist

To the editor:

In her 1883 poem, Jewish-American poet Emma Lazarus welcomed immigrants to America. Its noble idealism disregarded the harsh realities of our imperfect modern world.

President Trump was bluntly realistic rather than racist when he said he preferred immigrants from Norway, not Africa.

Not all Africans are black. Millions of North African Arabs, Berbers, etc., like all ethnic Europeans (including Norwegians), are Caucasians.

Actress Whoopi Goldberg has said, “Don’t call me African-American. I’m an American. I’ve been to Africa. I know what it’s like over there.”

Would you have liked living in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union? What about North Korea? If not, are you an anti-German, anti-Russian or anti-Korean bigot? No!

Nations aren’t just racial or ethnic entities. Political and economic systems, living standards, criminal activity, human rights, etc. define them.

Many Americans whose ancestors were slaves from Africa hope for a better life they still don’t have. America doesn’t need more immigrants with problems to solve when it is deep in debt and can’t help all of its citizens.

Help real refugees, but all other immigrants should be limited to those who are legal and have skills America needs.

During World War II, Jewish refugees weren’t welcome in President Roosevelt’s liberal America. Dreaming of a safe haven they had to return to Hitler’s Nazi nightmare to perish in the Holocaust. What Trump said crudely about immigration is minor compared to that.

During the Clinton presidency, a woman drowned escaping from Castro’s Cuba. Her son, Elian, was rescued and brought to Florida. He was then taken from his relatives by armed federal agents and sent back to that communist hell hole.

Why wasn’t Elian accepted as a refugee, or were there too many conservative Cuban-Americans for liberals to tolerate?