An uncaring god allows evil to exist

To the editor:

There have been many nonsensical religious letters in the Daily Mining Gazette, but the recent letter by John Hendrickson on Feb. 24 surpasses all.

Upon reading Hendrickson’s letter, he unwittingly makes a strong case for people to reject the god depicted in the passages he quotes. These deplorable passages show that the god therein is petty, vindictive, bloodthirsty, pestilential, and malevolent. The deity described is clearly anthropomorphic and mythical; the passages are written to frighten people into submission.

Hendrickson is concerned about God’s most precious gift, life. However, his god doesn’t have much compassion for life. Consider the Noachian flood, where hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of men, women, children and babies were drowned by a vicious deity. A certain percentage of the women would have been pregnant and their fetuses destroyed. Consider all the atrocities and genocides committed or abetted by the deity in the Hebrew scriptures. In many cases, all the men, women, children and babies are savagely killed, and sometimes the pregnant women are to be eviscerated. Again, a certain percentage of the women would be pregnant and their fetuses destroyed. And consider the millions of natural abortions (called miscarriages) that have occurred over the millennia while this deity, who has the power to save these innocent beings, does absolutely nothing. All this makes the god of the Hebrew scriptures the biggest abortionist ever.

Surprisingly, the following is one of the verses he quotes, Deuteronomy 28:18: “The fruit of your womb will be cursed ….” Why should the innocent human fetus be cursed? In Numbers, Chapter 5, there is the jealously test against a woman that may produce an abortion. Unsurprisingly, no corresponding test against a man.

He laments that God and Jesus have been kicked out of our public schools and Satan has entered in. The key word here is public. In his parochial view, contrary to the separation of church and state, Christianity should be part of the public school system. He doesn’t have any consideration or respect for other people’s religions or beliefs. So why should anyone have any respect for his narrow, biased and uneducated views?

Finally, you have to be extremely gullible to believe some imaginary being roams the world doing evil things to human beings, while the omnipotent deity does nothing to keep the people safe. It’s irresponsible for the deity to allow this evil entity to exist and create havoc.