Community input promotes unity

To the editor:

The future of our County Jail and Courthouse offers Houghton County residents the opportunity to exercise our freedom and responsibility to work together. We must become informed, listen to each other, and share the cost involved in solving the problems.

A few years ago, when the topic was the future of our Medical Care Facility, I remember how strong and united we residents of Houghton County were when we realized that the Medical Care Facility needed our support. Hundreds of us gathered to voice our opinions, and in the next election we passed a millage increase to fund the expansion. Once again I said to myself, “This is a wonderful place to live.”

The Copper Country League of Women Voters has outlined the pros and cons of a proposal that our commissioners are now considering and that would add onto the current jail/courthouse complex. To view the plan and the League’s fact sheet, see

County issues call us to participate in our county government. It’s unlikely that Houghton will be the target for Russian trolls and bots, so we ought to be able to discuss a justice center openly and with civility.

When we become cynical and withdraw from our civic responsibilities, neglecting challenges that face our communities, we are doing precisely what Putin is hoping we’ll do. Government of, by and for the people is hard work, and the best way to fight those who would undermine our country is to participate. Vote in every election. If you’re not already registered, visit the Secretary of State’s office and sign up. Look into the jail/courthouse situation and ask commissioners to facilitate public meetings on the topic.

Carolyn Peterson