Flowers given for no reason

To the editor:

This is another example of why it’s so great to live in the Copper Country.

On Thursday afternoon, March 1, I was in the express checkout lane at Econo Foods and the young lady ahead of me was picking out several small bouquets of daffodils that were in a display, and said she was going to give them to her mother. She checked out and left the store, and I did the same. As I was putting my groceries into my car, a car pulled up beside me with the window rolled down and that same young lady said, “I want you to have this bouquet of flowers.” I told her, “No, no, those are for your mother.”

She insisted that I take them and tears came to my eyes. She got out of her car and gave me a big hug. I told her she had really made my day with her gift of flowers. I hope her mother is enjoying her daffodils as much as I am mine.

My sincere “Thanks,” young lady, whoever you are!