Gun control links to communism

To the editor:

Years ago, on his “Hour of Decision” radio program, Billy Graham told about a debate between a communist and a Christian.

Seeing a man in ragged clothes, the communist said, “Karl Marx can put a new suit on that man. What can Jesus Christ do for him?” The Christian answered, “He can put a new man in that suit.”

Charity is part of Christianity. So are faith in God, spiritual values, belief in a savior and the promise of eternal life, all lacking in atheistic communism.

Marx believed private property made its owners greedy and should be abolished. He thought class warfare would destroy economic freedom (capitalism) and create a worker’s paradise. It created a hell in which 100 million victims of communism perished in the 20th century.

Neo-Marxist liberals blame guns for murders committed by those who misuse them.

Deranged people shouldn’t have knives, axes, baseball bats or anything else they can use as weapons, but don’t restrict what normal people can own. Put dangerous people where they can’t harm anyone.

There have been semiautomatic firearms for more than a century. Mass shootings, like the one at a Florida school, didn’t happen until recently. What changed? Sanity and spirituality have declined.

People who kill with assault rifles have blurred the line between reality and the fantasy world of violent films and video games. People, not guns, are the ones that go nuts.

Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists used box cutters to hijack planes, crashing them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing hundreds. No guns were used, but armed air marshals could have prevented it. Those who opposed that idea wanted to ban box cutters.

People use guns for protection, not just hunting or recreation. News stories should publicize that fact.

Robert Kohtala