Crime’s details were too graphic

To the editor:

I am writing about the article that appeared on the front page of the Gazette on May 10. The article I am referencing is the “Accused molester’s trial set for Sept. 5.” My concern is with the graphic descriptions used by your reporter Garret Neese.

I take great pride in being a local citizen and in the community in which I live. I was upset with the graphic description of the crimes committed. Granted this type of information is necessary for court proceedings, but to find it on the front page of the paper was unnecessary. The crimes are bad enough without clarification and details. Is this really something that the Gazette wants to print on the front page of its newspaper?

I think Mr. Neese should have have a more professional understanding of his task as reporter for a general local paper.

Perhaps Mr. Neese needs to explore opportunities to help him better his reporting skills in a manner fitting to community standards.

I would expect this type of reporting in a London tabloid or a supermarket paper aimed at sensationalism, not the newspaper I bring into my home each night.

Editor’s Note: The reporter performed his duty as a journalist in reporting this public information. To withhold the full truth minimizes the alleged crime’s effects on the unidentified victims and denies them the full measure of public justice to which they are entitled.