Crude pleasure in graphic details

To the editor:

In your front-page article on Thursday, May 10, regarding the child abuse case that will be going to court, it appears that your reporter took some crude pleasure in divulging the graphic details of the case.

The reporter, and the Daily Mining Gazette by allowing it, definitely overstepped the boundaries of decent journalism. Revealing the private, painful details of the courtroom discussion was quite insensitive.

It is reporting like this that will discourage others in similar situations from coming forward and reporting such vile acts to the authorities.

Maybe the Gazette should show some compassion for the victims and treat the details that come out during the trial as private.

Bill Kallio

Lake Linden

Editor’s Note: What happens in a court of law is a matter of public record; therefore, by definition it is is not private. To establish justice requires “the whole truth.” Telling the truth about an alleged crime is a compassionate act, because it ensures the crime is not minimized by vague, sanitized misconceptions. The victims of this alleged crime, who were unidentified, deserve the full measure of justice provided by telling the truth and nothing but the truth. We will not apologize for reporting the truth.