Some lack values to do good

To the editor:

Chicago gangster Al Capone said, “I would rather be rich … and greedy and go to hell when I die, than live in poverty…” He died at 48, mentally disabled by syphilis.

Loretta Lynn’s autobiographical song, “Coalminer’s Daughter” had a much better message about life: “We were poor but we had love.”

The grandparent who influenced me most was the one I never met. That was my paternal grandmother, a devout Christian who died before I was born. My father told me about her and what she believed.

Both of my paternal grandparents survived a famine in Finland when they were very young. Although poor, my grandmother said if we help the poor, God will help us.

I mentioned those things for a reason. When a mass shooting is in the news, the emphasis is on gun laws and mental illness. A decline in spiritual values and an increase in dysfunctional families and irresponsible parents are often ignored.

Public schools miseducate students with an atheistic theory that our ancient ancestors evolved from non-human prehistoric primates. This is based on false assumptions that God doesn’t exist and the creation was its own creator, creating itself from nothing.

Albert Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame.” It is also dangerous.

Not everyone who believes in evolution is evil and a potential criminal or murderer. Concepts of right and wrong still exist in our society but those values didn’t come from atheism.

Too many who have a Godless, secular education lack the values they need to be good, kind and compassionate. When that void is filled with anger, hatred and excessive amounts of violent entertainment, the results can be tragic.

John Kass correctly stated in his May 26 column: “Belief in God is mocked in our culture. Religion is belittled.”