Keep flood items out of forests

To the editor:

Please! There will be furnaces, freezers, water heaters and furniture taken from basements due to the flood. Please use the recycling centers!

Folks involved in the storm cleanup inform me that some culverts were plugged with items like couches and dishwashers that had previously been dumped into the forest. Such “plugs” prevented culverts from operating. This in turn built up dams, When these dams broke it turned streams into dangerous rivers. Past dumping of our stuff into the forest caused much damage. Pocketbooks, savings account, and tax dollars were impacted.

Help prevent such by using the centers available. Please contact them ahead of time as there may only be one person on duty and what you bring in would require additional help.

• Metal recycling includes Ed’s Used Auto Parts in Houghton, Ripley Products in Ripley, Men-Co at Calumet. Also the Calumet Band Parents has a fund raising dumpster in the school yard for metal pieces only!

• Furniture and other materials should go into the garbage or into the Recycling Center in Houghton.

We often sing about “America the Beautiful.” Let’s keep it that way.