Lies on migrant family separation

To the editor:

Two syndicated columnists, Connie Schultz and Kathleen Parker, recently shared their opinions regarding border control. Though former Pulitzer winners, their work has since devolved into a strange mixture of adages, subjective horror stories, co-opted misinformation, and animosity toward President Trump.

Schultz imagines herself a political priest “exhausted” by the “confession(s)” of regretful Trump voters. She scolds, “I am not interested in listening;” “I’m not sparing one more ounce (of energy) on their…lack of contrition”. Pretentiously sanctimonious, she asserts, “Our government singles out brown and black children and traumatizes them, as policy.”

Parker, assuming psychological expertise, said Trump is “essentially willing to condone the psychic torture of little children for political gain.” “It’s acceptable to him.” Parker boldly declares, “This isn’t supposition. It’s data.”

Unfortunately, entertainers are also mistaken for trusted intellectuals. MSNBC’s, Donny Deutsch opined, “People who voted for Trump are Nazi’s.”

Joe Scarborough maligned border agents as “storm troopers.” Peter Fonda’s histrionics are unrepeatable.

The Washington Post’s DeNeen Brown documented “America’s Cruel History of Separating Children from Their Parents,” connecting such disparate instances as slavery, indigenous boarding schools, and Japanese internment camps.

A New York Daily photo depicted “A bus used to transport babies by Immigration and Customs officials.” Later, the photo was determined to be “Prison bus, 4/2016.”

Time Magazine’s cover was a flagrant distortion, and its lead article required redaction. The crying 2-year-old Honduran child was never separated from her mother.

Senator James Lankford, R-OK, appeared on “Meet the Press” on June 24 to correct misinformation. Under Clinton’s administration, illegal immigrant parents were separated from their children at the Mexican border.

Obama’s administration separated 89,000 children from their parents. Pictures from 2014, show those children behind chain-link fences, wrapped in foil blankets.

Lankford said, “We know where every single child is.”

Career professionals, not political appointees, are working with HHS, DHS, Customs and Border Control and ICE.

However, 10,000 unaccompanied minors flooded the border. An additional 2000 arrived with unverifiable “relatives”. Approximately $775 per “tent child” per day is being spent, according to NBCNews citing an HHS official.

As pressure built, 20 volunteer lawyers aided and abetted unlawful entry. Now, Maxine Waters’ acolytes discard civility, believing that the elimination of borders necessitates aggression toward Republicans.

Sadly, belligerent congressional Democrats refuse to even discuss border control solutions. What’s next?

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” (George Orwell)

Linda Burke

Mass City