Name makes facility a home

To the editor:

We at HCMCF would like to thank the community for their continued support throughout the years.

As many are aware, we are undergoing an expansive physical and cultural transformation. Our goal is to make our nursing home feel like a real “home” for our residents and less like an institution.

There have been many comments about the rationale and motivation for the name change from community and family members.

As the AHCMCF’s administrator, I have had zero residents voice concern over the proposed name change, and I believe that it really boils down to perspective.

The community is proud of the services that we are able to offer to our residents (as they should be), and want to continue to honor that via the name. The residents, however, want to feel like they are at “home” and not relegated to an institutional setting, whether temporary or permanent. Nothing about the name, Houghton County Medical Care Facility says “home.”

So, I ask for the community’s support once again in choosing a name that helps our residents feel like that have come home, whether it is temporarily or permanent, while still honoring the amazing community that we live in.

Kim Salmi