Trump turned GOP into cult

To the editor:

Isn’t the First Amendment and freedom of the press great? In the June 30 DMG, Lois Jean Dahlquist wrote: “I believe the Lord put Trump in office, and he can protect him.”

Why do some Christians blame God whenever human beings with free will make stupid choices? Even Christians can be misled. (Hosea 8:3-4) I believe deceived, misinformed voters put Trump in office, not the Lord. I believe we are in the last days, and Satan is working very hard to distract and mislead Christians and divide nations, communities and families. (Ephesians 6:10-13) Trump and Putin are doing their part by dividing, not uniting, America and the world.

What will it take for Trump’s Christian conservative base to see the real Trump? Trump couldn’t even qualify as bishop or deacon in a Christian church. (1 Timothy 3:1-8)

We didn’t expect a saint to be president, but we sure didn’t need an immoral, out-of-control, narcissistic, grumpy, old fool, either.

Trump has daily “senior moments” in his tweets and speeches. He’s forever backpedaling, and he repeats himself over and over again. It’s sickening. Proverbs (19:1 and 28:6).

Our government was set up to run with checks and balances. It’s not a religious system or a dictatorship. I believe Trump’s leading by fear (fear is an evil spirit) and leads to paranoia and anger.

Trump creates fear in many people; but loves suckups: “Yes sir, Mr. President, many kisses and smooches.” That’s also sickening.

That arrogant look on Trumps face, along with the crossed arms when in a meeting shows the body language of: “Fear me I’m a powerful rich bully. I will sue, destroy or fire you if you disagree with me”. (Proverbs 16:18, 23:7)

Trump lacks understanding and has absolutely no wisdom. (Proverbs 1) Trump thinks he’s Mr. Wonderful, but there is more to being president than getting an ego fix while marketing oneself at a political rally.

All conmen and cult leaders are good at marketing themselves. That’s how they deceive many people, even Christians.

Many Republican Christians are silent while their party is being trashed by Trump. The swamp has become President Trump’s cesspool of lies, conspiracy theories, distractions, diversions, division, backstabbing, crooks, stupid name calling and fear of losing their jobs suckups.

The Republican Party has become Trump’s Pied Piper-like cult. President Trump needs to step down.