Appreciate UP’s natural beauty

To the editor:

John Pepin’s column on Friday, July 20, was truly beautiful!  He writes about a river that has spoken to his heart since he was a child. 

Although the river is indifferent to human activity and attention, the author refers to it lovingly, as a living being:

“With a million tales to tell of days and months and years gone by, times of flooding and drought, of giant trees and sand banks fallen, of fires and frosts, she listens as well as speaks.”

Children are born with what Rachel Carson called “the sense of wonder,” but that intuitive appreciation can be dulled if not encouraged, usually be a caring adult. Other senses combine with our love of competition and materialism to overpower the still, small voice that nurtures reverence and humility.

We who live in the Copper Country are fortunate to have access to natural beauty wherever we turn, but we miss it unless we take some time and open our hearts to the calm reassurance that nature offers.

Thank you, John Pepin, for your inspiration. 

Carolyn Peterson