Front flood repair with reserve fund

To the editor:

This letter concerns getting money to help with the recent flood damage. Everyone says we are waiting for the money from federal and state governments. However, in the meantime there are still roads that aren’t fixed due to lack of resources.

We have friends halfway up on Forsman Road who were unable to take their car out of their property because of a 3-foot drop to the road. On the Tuesday after the flood, they had to walk to M-26 and another half-mile to be picked up to get groceries and then walk to carry them home again. It was hot and they are in their 70s.

A few days later, there were walking several trips to M-26 with their basic needs to fly home to Jackson, Michigan, because they had no choice but to leave for the summer. He said he called the county engineer several times with no response.

We currently have $700-plus million in a “rainy day” fund in Michigan. Couldn’t that money be used now to get thinks moving and repaired and when the FEMA money comes in replace it back to the “rainy day” fund?

Gerald Lamppa