Brush up on Constitution

To the editor:

Please get a pocket Constitution of the United States. I get mine through at low to no cost. In it, Article 2, Section 1, contains the simple qualifications to be president. Namely be a natural-born citizen, be at least 35 years of age and lastly be a resident of 14 years within the United States.

It mentions nothing about having played professional golf or funding repairs to ice rinks. Both of which lie suspect in my mind, of the current president’s motives and perceived accomplishments. Trump owns four private golf courses in the USA; and two highly scrutinized ones in Scotland. At the one in Jupiter, Florida, he played Tiger Woods there as a guest. Woods was recovering from injuries at the time. Perhaps Trump thought he could beat a professional. Well, his plan failed. There is video and witness statements to prove the childlike antics of Trump with regard to the links. They show ball moving, scorecard cheating, club throwing and driving with sharp turns of his cart on sand and putting greens. All done when things go not his way. I would much rather see qualifications to also include: Training in civics, personnel relations, prioritizing budget requests, government functions and law, humanity and throw out grandstanding and self-serving attitudes. Now, someone wrote to the DMG editor attempting to suggest Trump was sent by God, apparently to say that this was God’s plan to straighten out the USA. I had to chuckle. Now indirectly we are all sent from God via natural fertilization. When she said the Trump had Trumped, maybe a pun, really means the heralding of Christ’s second coming.

Keith Wanhaaho